Vapor phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine
Vapor phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine
Vapor phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine
Vapor phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine

Vapor phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine

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1. The whole machine structure: It is welded with high-quality SUS304/316 plate stainless steel material. The welding is firm and beautiful; it does not leak, and the welding joint is polished.

2. Transducer: It uses imported piezoelectric ceramic chips, which can adapt to long-term working under different temperatures; imported bonding technology ensures that the transducer will not fall off when working for a long time.

3. Ultrasonic generator: It adopts the current international leading technology, using IGBT module and single-chip microcomputer technology. It has stable working condition, larger and stronger output power; it has overvoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit and other protection measures.

4. Electrical system: Using PLC human interface touch technology, independent circuits at all levels can independently control the parameters of each slot.

5. Refrigeration system: This type of machine mostly uses a secondary refrigeration system located at the upper end of the cleaning tank. The first layer is the freezing area and is connected to the refrigeration system. The other layer is the cold water freezing area, which is connected to cold water freezing. Equipped with one set of freezer and one set of water chiller, the multi-stage working tanks share one set of refrigeration system.

6. Circulation filtration system: It consists of a stainless steel filter pump, an overflow circulation device, a liquid storage tank, etc. The stainless steel filter pump adopts the famous pump "Nanfang" brand, and the liquid storage tank is welded with SUS304/316 stainless steel.

7. Automatic heating and constant temperature system: The cleaning tank adopts wall heating method, and the heating power needs to be determined according to the size of the tank and the organic solvent used; it is also equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature at any time.

Other properties

This product supports non-standard customization and can provide design drawings and cleaning plans.


Product Details

Jietai gas phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine, the cleaning machine mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, transducer, rough washing tank, distillation recovery tank, circulation filtration system, automatic temperature control heating system, oil-water separator, refrigeration system, rack, control Panel, control system, etc.

Jietai gas-phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine places the workpiece to be cleaned in a specific cleaning basket and then transports it to an ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with organic solvent. In the cleaning tank, the workpiece is cleaned through strong ultrasonic cavitation. Clean the workpiece in a short time (this process can be added appropriately according to the product cleaning requirements to ensure that the cleaning cleanliness reaches a certain standard); then put the workpiece into the steam area of ​​the cleaning machine, when the workpiece encounters steam, Condensation occurs on the surface and interacts with the dirt on the surface of the workpiece. As the droplets fall, the dirt is taken away, and then the workpiece is lifted to the upper freezing area for freeze drying.

Application scope

Jietai gas phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, painting, auto maintenance and vacuum coating pre-processing and other related categories. It has an efficient and rapid cleaning effect on parts with complex surface shapes, such as grooves, slits, blind holes, and deep holes on the parts. At the same time, it can clean away oil, rust and oxides on the surface of parts, achieving one-stop processing of ultrasonic cleaning, steam bath washing, freeze drying, and distillation recovery.
Vapor phase refrigeration ultrasonic cleaning machine