Excellence Company Awards

At Guangdong JieTai, we are proud recipients of several prestigious awards and certifications, showcasing our commitment to quality, innovation, and regulatory compliance. These accolades validate our relentless pursuit of excellence and serve as a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional products and services.

Quality Management System Certification

Our Quality Management System (QMS) certification demonstrates our adherence to standardized processes, such as ISO 9001, ensuring consistent production of high-quality products. This commitment to quality control, documentation, and continuous improvement instills confidence in our customers and ensures regulatory compliance.

Utility Model Patent Certificate

We hold utility model patent certificates, providing legal recognition and protection for our innovative product improvements. These intellectual property rights safeguard our innovative efforts, granting us exclusive rights to commercialize and utilize our patented utility models.

Certificate of Compliance

Our Certificate of Compliance confirms our products' adherence to the stringent quality and safety standards set by Chinese authorities. This certification serves as proof of our commitment to regulatory compliance, instilling confidence in our consumers and stakeholders.

Invention Patent Certificate

Our invention patent certificates, issued by esteemed patent offices like CNIPA, recognize our exclusive rights to novel and inventive products or processes. These certificates provide legal protection, preventing unauthorized use or reproduction of our patented inventions and positioning us as industry leaders in innovation.

Appearance Design Patent Certificate

Our appearance design patent certificates protect the unique visual characteristics of our products, enhancing our brand recognition and market competitiveness. These certificates grant us exclusive rights to the aesthetic features of our designs, safeguarding them from imitation or infringement.

Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate

Acknowledging our ownership and exclusive rights to specific software programs, our Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificates provide legal protection against unauthorized use and serve as crucial evidence in software infringement disputes.

SGS Verification of Compliance

Our SGS verification of compliance validates our adherence to specified international standards, instilling confidence in our stakeholders and demonstrating our commitment to meeting global quality and safety requirements.

High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

As a recognized High-Tech Enterprise, we receive official government recognition for our innovation and excellence in technology-related sectors. This certification, coupled with benefits like tax incentives and support programs, encourages us to continue advancing in high-tech industries.

Trademark Registration Certificate

Our Trademark Registration Certificates provide legal recognition and exclusive rights to our trademarks, protecting our brand identity from unauthorized use. These certificates serve as crucial evidence in legal disputes, establishing our authority over our brand in the marketplace.

Request a Copy of Our Awards

Do not hesitate to request a copy of our awards. This service is available to provide proof of our accomplishments and reinforce our commitment to excellence