Optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine

Optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine

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1. It adopts city-state motor, accurate positioning, and flexible clamping arm transportation;

2. Fully enclosed management ensures a clean cleaning environment;

3. Mitsubishi programmable PLC automatic control, Taiwan Weilun human-machine interface;

4. Adapt to the cleaning of a variety of products, set up tossing to aid cleaning;

5. Water-based environmentally friendly ultrasonic cleaning, DI water washing, slow dehydration tunnel hot air drying and other combined processes;

6. Support non-standard customization;

7. Complete anti-fool protection function is safe and reliable

Other properties

This product supports non-standard customization and can provide design drawings and cleaning plans.


Product Details

The optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine is a non-standard customized ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is a set of ultrasonic devices for cleaning optical glass. After the user places the tooling jig with the workpiece into the basket, it is hand-held into the tank for ultrasonic cleaning. When pre- After the set cleaning time is reached, it is sent to each subsequent cleaning process tank in order to complete the ultrasonic rough cleaning, ultrasonic fine cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing, slow drying and other processes of the workpiece, thus completing a cleaning process. At the same time, the operator Continuously insert the washing basket from the tank, and take out the workpieces that have been washed and dried in the fifth tank to handle the cleaning operations in the washing area. The user can freely set the washing time, usually 3 to 6 minutes for one wash beat.

Optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine structure:

It consists of multi-channel ultrasonic cleaning tank, ultrasonic rinsing tank, slow drying tank, filtration circulation system, workpiece up and down shaking mechanism, electrical control system and pure water supply system.

Optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine machine structure:

1. The door of the washing machine adopts a door support structure and can be folded and installed freely to facilitate repair and maintenance;

2. The washing tank is equipped with a single-sided overflow structure for cleaning optical glass, and is equipped with relevant liquid storage tanks and

3. The ultrasonic vibrating plate adopts the structure of Taiwanese machine and is connected to the tank body with screws and Teflon sealing materials around the single vibrating plate;

4. The control electrical box is located on the upper left facade of the cleaning machine; the liquid storage tank, filter circulation system and other detergent processing equipment are distributed at the back of the machine to facilitate daily maintenance;

5. Protection device: Equipped with an emergency device: It is installed in a visible and easily accessible place (in front of the cleaning tank body), allowing the operator to immediately disconnect the power supply of the entire cleaning system to stop all work and activities in an emergency. .

Application scope

Jietai optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used for: cleaning glass lenses, resin lenses, microscopes, telescopes, camera lenses, coated glass, prisms, lenses and other optical products before and after coating and between pre-assembly processes; mainly used in the optoelectronic industry Cleaning of ITO conductive glass, LCD substrate, and cleaning of residual liquid crystal after liquid crystal chip packaging. Cleaning workpieces: optical glass such as projectors, rear-projection TVs, digital cameras, car rearview mirrors, etc.

Optical glass ultrasonic cleaning machine