Mold waterway cleaning machine
Mold waterway cleaning machine
Mold waterway cleaning machine
Mold waterway cleaning machine

Mold waterway cleaning machine

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1. Japan Mitsubishi 7-inch touch screen, Mitsubishi PCL, Mitsubishi inverter

2. Keyence ultrasonic flowmeter; SMC booster pump;

3. Japan Kaitz electronic pulse generator; Schneider switch; Taiwan MEAN WELL power supply

4. Utilize the patented water vapor mixing technology, physical pulse blasting and repeated scouring of the mold to achieve the effect of scale and rust removal.

5. Independent double water tank design enhances the filtration system and improves the cleaning effect.

6. PLC touch screen operation, one-button start, easy to operate.

7. Connect to the water pipe and automatically replenish clean water during operation; automatically switch the flushing direction; automatically record the cleaning flow rate.

8. There is no need to disassemble the mold, the mold pipeline can be cleaned directly, or the mold can be cleaned directly on the injection molding machine.

9. Short cleaning time, high cleaning efficiency and strong cleaning effect, saving time and improving production efficiency.

10. The cooling flow rate increases, the heat exchange efficiency is stable, and the cooling efficiency is improved.

11. Shorten the molding cycle, improve product yield and enterprise production efficiency.

Other properties

This product supports non-standard customization and can provide design drawings and cleaning plans.


Product Details

Jietai mold waterway cleaning machine adopts high-speed and high-pressure water vapor mixing technology, mixes high-pressure air into the high-speed water flow, and automatically controls physical air pressure pulses of different frequencies according to actual working conditions, thereby impacting the inner walls of molds and other small waterway systems, forming Airburst. By repeatedly scouring and oscillating the inner wall of the pipe in both forward and reverse directions, the scale and rust on the pipe wall are detached, and pipe attachments and other impurities are removed at the same time. After filtration and precipitation, the dirt is discharged through the sewage outlet, completing the cleaning of the waterway system.

Why should we clean the impurities in the mold water system? The mold cooling waterway plays an important role in the mold production process. When the thickness of scale, rust, and sludge on the pipe wall reaches 0.3mm, the power of the cooling-related equipment will be increased by 20% to complete the original workload. Due to the generation of scale, rust, and silt, the system pressure is unstable. Year-round accumulation leads to poor cooling effect of the mold water circuit, prolonging the molding cycle, resulting in reduced output, quality, and increased costs.

Application scope

Jietai mold waterway cleaning machine is composed of a circulation system, a high-pressure system, an electrolytic circuit system, a special electrolytic cleaning fluid and a high-quality anti-rust agent. It is specially used to solve the problem of scale, rust and oil stains in mold waterways and other pipelines. This may cause problems such as thinning of the pipes and poor thermal conductivity. It is suitable for cleaning waterway molds of all sizes, and the equipment can be customized according to different industries.
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