Industrial wastewater treatment equipment
Industrial wastewater treatment equipment
Industrial wastewater treatment equipment

Industrial wastewater treatment equipment

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Operation requirements, simple:

1. Automatic operation, no need for long-term supervision by personnel.

2. Automate cleaning and maintenance to avoid human interference.

Small footprint:

1. The pretreatment tank occupies a small area and does not require an intermediate tank.

2. It occupies small space and the host space is compact.

3. The pipeline system is simple.

4. Use existing equipment to transform without adding additional costs.

Operating costs:

1. Only a small amount of cleaning chemicals is required and the cost is low.

2. No consumables, the core purification component has a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

3. The total installed power is small and the energy consumption is low.

4. The system is simple and the maintenance and management cost is low.

Outlet water quality, stable:

1. The physical filtration functional characteristics ensure the stability of the effluent water quality.

2. The system is simple and the probability of problems is low.

Product Details
Jietai industrial wastewater treatment equipment is a fully automated operation with low energy consumption and automatic cleaning and maintenance; patented anti-clogging technology, the membrane life can reach 5-10 years; it reduces costs by an average of 90%; it occupies a small area , the total layout area can be reduced to 15 square meters; purely physical separation, wastewater treatment equipment without adding chemicals.

Using membrane technology to treat wastewater, membrane clogging has always been a pain point that needs to be solved in the industry. Aqingsi Nano Planar Membrane has a large diameter. The surface layer of the filter membrane is a nano anti-blocking and anti-fouling layer. In addition, a special cleaning ball is provided to form a unique scrubbing function. Unlike ordinary filter membranes, which can only be backwashed with water, the cleaning ball can Recycled use reduces operating costs and allows the module to quickly restore flux, achieving unparalleled treatment effects with other membranes.

Application scope
Jietai industrial wastewater treatment equipment can be applied to: cleaning oily wastewater, cutting wastewater, grinding wastewater, bleaching and dyeing wastewater, spray paint cycle wastewater, oxidation/anode/electroplating wastewater, daily cosmetics wastewater, high concentration and high COD wastewater, chemical industry Wastewater, PCB circuit board wastewater and other industrial wastewater treatment.