Gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine
Gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine
Gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine

Gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine

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1. It adopts PLC control and touch screen operation, and uses imported components to assemble the robot arm. It has the characteristics of high positioning accuracy, smooth movement, reliable operation, and compact structure.

2. The manipulator's gantry arm type automatically controls the operation and transports the cleaning workpieces sequentially or synchronously.

3. It is equipped with a throwing device and uses a combination of mother-and-child cleaning baskets to improve cleaning efficiency.

4. The whole machine is clean and beautiful, with liquid level protection, overload, overheating, leakage and other related protections, and high reliability.

5. The whole machine adopts a fully sealed structure. The equipment has a filtration circulation system, an automatic temperature control system, a hot air circulation drying system, a liquid replenishment and drainage system, a mist suction recovery device and other systems.

6. The whole machine automatically feeds in and out materials, has a high automation program, completes the cleaning and drying process in one go, and is simple and safe to operate.

Other properties

This product supports non-standard customization and can provide design drawings and cleaning plans.

Product Details

The Jietai gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine is a fully automatic device. The cleaning process is controlled by microcontroller. It is a continuous working device composed of 5 cleaning tanks made of SUS316 material, a rinsing tank and a drying tank. The operator places the cleaning basket containing the workpiece on the feed conveyor raceway. The conveyor raceway sends the cleaning basket to the loading station. The manipulator sends the cleaning basket to each cleaning tank in turn, and performs hot soaking and ultrasonic roughening of the workpiece. Washing, ultrasonic fine washing, steam bath washing and hot air drying. During the hot soak washing, ultrasonic rough washing, ultrasonic fine washing, steam bath washing and hot air drying in the first to fifth tanks, the cleaning basket rotating mechanism keeps the cleaning blue. It is in a rotating state so that the workpiece can be fully cleaned. During the lifting process, the washing basket is always in a rotating state and stays in the freezing area for a period of time so that the cleaning fluid breaks away from the workpiece and flows back to the cleaning tank. The workpiece traverse mechanism is responsible for moving the workpiece to one station. , the discharging conveyor raceway will send the cleaned workpiece to the exit. The operator unloads the workpiece at the exit, opens the washing basket and puts the workpiece into the container, and the cleaning is completed.

Application scope

Jietai gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, painting, auto maintenance and vacuum coating pre-processing and other related categories. It has an efficient and rapid cleaning effect on parts with complex surface shapes, such as grooves, slits, blind holes, and deep holes on the parts. At the same time, it can clean away oil, rust and oxides on the surface of parts, achieving one-stop cleaning, rinsing and drying.
Gantry arm ultrasonic cleaning machine