Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine

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1. Drying tank: can adjust time and temperature independently, with alarm notification function when drying is completed;

2. Inner tank material: Made of 304 stainless steel, thickened to 2mm, manual argon welding, strong and durable;

3. Time is adjustable: 1-99 minutes/hour, can be always on;

4. Industrial-grade transducer: It adopts industrial vibrator, which is powerful and effective and can work 24 hours a day;

5. Filtration circulation function: circulation is conducive to solvents, cost saving, and good cleaning effect;

6. Generator control system: independent generator control system with flexible control, which can adjust the ultrasonic power according to the user's cleaning needs;

7. Heating automatic constant temperature system: 20-95 degrees adjustable, equipped with stainless steel heating tube, fast heating speed;

8. Equipment power cord: Use industrial thickened power cord, which is safe and durable;

9. Memory function: The device has an independent memory chip, so there is no need to reset it after setting the time;

Other properties

This product supports non-standard customization and can provide design drawings and cleaning plans.


Product Details

The fourteen-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is a cleaning equipment with fourteen independent cleaning tanks. It uses ultrasonic technology for cleaning, which can clean various items efficiently and comprehensively.

The main feature of this cleaning machine is that it has fourteen independent cleaning tanks, each tank can perform cleaning operations independently. Each tank is equipped with an ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer, which can generate high-frequency sound vibrations and form tiny bubbles and vortices in the liquid. These bubbles and vortices penetrate deep into the tiny pores and recesses of an object's surface, thoroughly removing dirt, grease, and other contaminants.

Fourteen-tank ultrasonic cleaning machines are usually widely used in industrial fields for cleaning various small or medium-sized parts, appliances, molds, instruments, etc. It is suitable for situations where multiple items need to be cleaned at the same time or when batch cleaning is required. Each tank can set cleaning parameters independently to meet the cleaning needs of different items.

The advantage of this kind of cleaning machine is that it can improve cleaning efficiency and production efficiency and reduce the use of human resources. It can complete the cleaning task of a large number of items in a short period of time and can provide high-quality cleaning results. In addition, the fourteen-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine can also save the usage of cleaning fluid and energy consumption, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

It should be noted that the specific cleaning machine models and functions may vary depending on the manufacturer and product. The above introduction is based on the general description. In actual selection and use, it is best to refer to the specific product description and technical specifications.

Application scope

Jietai fourteen-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, painting, auto maintenance and vacuum coating pre-processing and other related categories. It has an efficient and rapid cleaning effect on parts with complex surface shapes, such as grooves, slits, blind holes, and deep holes on the parts. At the same time, it can clean away oil, rust and oxides on the surface of parts, achieving one-stop cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
Fourteen tank ultrasonic cleaning machine