Bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine
Bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine

Bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine

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1. Bubble cleaning cleans without dead ends, which can make the cleaning liquid contact the dirt more thoroughly, so that the water molecules can move at high speed under the combined action of agitation and ultrasonic waves, causing explosive impact on surface stains and improving the cleaning effect. Much cleaner.
2. Circular filtration is efficient and clean. It uses high-density absorbent cotton filter element with a filtration accuracy of 10 microns. It filters oil and impurities to avoid secondary contamination leading to repeated cleaning.

3. Imported industrial vibrators have stable performance and strong power; multi-core vibrators work synchronously, and the cleaning effect is beyond imagination.

4. Remote control of the generator, power switch, time adjustment, power adjustment and other functions can be remotely controlled on the portable generator, making it more convenient to use.

5. The electronic control system and the operation button design are more user-friendly and the operation is simple and clear at a glance.

Other properties

This product supports non-standard customization and can provide design drawings and cleaning plans.


Product Details

Jietai bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine is an ultrasonic cleaning equipment equipped with a bubbler. The bubbler is a stirrer that uses compressed air or steam. When compressed air or steam is passed into the liquid, agitation occurs due to bubbling, allowing the workpiece to be washed to be cleaned more thoroughly, cleaner and cleaner.

The bubbler is generally made of a tube with a diameter of 25~50mm. The lower part is bent into a ring or rectangle and placed on the bottom of the device. The top of the tube is welded and the bent part on the bottom is drilled with Φ3 ~6mm small hole to allow compressed air exceeding the pipe resistance and liquid column resistance to pass into the liquid. Small bubbles coming out of the pores pass through the entire liquid for intense mixing. The bubbler is more suitable for mixing situations in large containers and mixing situations with corrosive media. The disadvantage is that the viscosity of the stirred medium cannot be too large (<0.2Pa·s), and the stirring efficiency is low.

Advantages of bubbling technology:

(1) The height and position of the bubbling can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is suitable for process adjustment of different products; combined with different gas bubbling methods, the best process state can be achieved;

(2) It has a relative protective effect on the bottom structure of the pool;

(3) With anti-blocking function;

(4) Flexible starting and stopping, easy to replace.

Application scope

Jietai bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in machinery, electronics, jewelry, optics, medicine, painting, auto maintenance and vacuum coating pre-processing and other related categories. It has an efficient and rapid cleaning effect on parts with complex surface shapes, such as grooves, slits, blind holes, and deep holes on the parts. At the same time, it can clean away oil, rust and oxides on the surface of parts, achieving one-stop cleaning, rinsing and drying.
Bubble ultrasonic cleaning machine