Constant temperature CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine

Constant temperature CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine

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1. Use microcontroller software to operate

2. Use imported closed fluorine-free compressor

3. The sound reduction cover and cleaning tank are made of high-quality stainless steel

4. The modified equipment has good sealing performance and has sound and heat insulation effects.

5. Digital display of over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current, low water level, and no solution protection indication

6. Digital display memory, set display of ultrasonic working time, ultrasonic power, heating temperature, and actual temperature

7. Set to display the constant temperature in the cleaning machine tank, ±2℃

Product Details
Jietai constant temperature series desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts imported closed fluorine-free compressor. When the cleaning machine is working, the heating and cooling equipment automatically work alternately, so that the temperature of the solution in the cleaning tank is constant, which can meet the needs of constant temperature ultrasound. Client.

Application scope
Jietai constant temperature CNC ultrasonic cleaning series products can be applied to the extraction of certain traditional Chinese medicines, cleaning of special materials and various experimental projects that require constant temperature ultrasound. The ultrasonic cleaning machine will emit a lot of heat during use. Friendly reminder: Do not directly inject ice water into the cleaning tank to cool down, as this will damage the cleaning equipment.